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Can you name these Silmarillion things beginning with the letters A-Z?

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ASword given to Thingol by Eöl, made of meteoric iron
BOne of the cities of the dwarves
CMassive wolf, killed Beren and was killed by Huan
DWerewolf whose form Beren took on the Quest of the Silmaril
EMariner who sailed to Valinor to plead for help
FGreatest of the Noldor, creator of the Silmarils
GFather of Dragons
HPlace where the spirits of the dead go after death
IProper name of the Vala often called Lórien
KTerrible deed committed by the Noldor in their attempt to flee Valinor
LDaughter of Thingol and Melian, fairest of the Children of Ilúvatar
MDark Lord, the Enemy of the World
NRiver running through Nargothrond
OSteward and later king of Nargothrond
PThe Mountains of Aman, forming a defensive wall around Valinor
QLanguage of the Calaquendi
RMother of Tuor, wife of Huor
SLieutenant of the Dark Lord
THero of the Third House of the Edain, whose life is detailed in Narn i Hîn Húrin
UMonstrous, evil spider, poisoned the Two Trees
VShip in which E sailed to Valinor
WNúmenor, in Westron
YVala responsible for growing things, creator of the Two Trees

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