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AGreat river, running through Rhovanion and Gondor
BCaptain of Gondor, killed by Uruk-hai
CDangerous pass over the Ephel Dúath into Mordor
DDark fortress in southern Mirkwood
EName of Varda, Queen of the Stars
FEnt who lived in the forest of the same name
GPowerful elven-lord, lived in Rivendell
HRohirric name for Hobbits
IAncient fortress north of the Gap of Rohan
KAncestral home of Durin's Folk under the Misty Mountains
LRealm of Elves on the banks of the Celebrant
MCity of Ithilien, captured and occupied by the Witch-King
NSword of Elendil, broken on the slopes of Orodruin
OOld capital city of Gondor on the Great River
PAny one of the 'Seeing-stones' brought from Númenor
QCommon name of the Ent called Bregalad
RBrown Wizard, friend of birds and beasts
SHuge, intelligent, evil spider
TMysterious being who lives in the Old Forest and sings a lot
UA valley in Mordor
VUndying Lands across the Sea
WCommon name of Amon Sûl, a hill in Eriador
YGollum's name for the Sun
ZOne of the peaks of the Misty Mountains, also called Silvertine

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