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Can you name the entire Fircreek Day Camp Summer Staff from 2013?

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Falling with style
A Native American greeting
Three unrhymed lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables
Has a dance move associated with them
Took 1000's of something last year
This name has boarderline crass synonyms
You've seen this quiz before
Completely unrelated to the United States Tennis Association
Rapunzel's best friend
Goes down with the ship
Most photographed last summer
Has their own store chain
64 pebbles to play
Keeps an accurate countdown, give or take 100 days
Dory's reading
Not tee
Singing sea creatures
Has their own dance move
A First Nations greeting
A life saver
When God made the world he said '_____'
Changed their name to a phonetic spelling last year
Super fruit
'When moon high in sky and deer prance...'
From the computer game Final Fantasy 7
A flexible containment device that can be inflated with a gas

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