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Can you name the LOTR: Seats of the Palantiri?

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HintLocation of the StoneThe Stone's Eventual Fate
Capital City of the Kingdom of ArnorLost in the shipwreck which killed King Arvedui, last King of Arthedain
The Highest Summit of The Weather HillsLost in the shipwreck which killed King Arvedui, last King of Arthedain
Aligned to the West, Could only see the Undying LandsThis stone was returned to the Undying Lands by the ship of the Ringbearers
The Home Of Saruman at the End of the Third AgeThe only stone that remained in Middle Earth undamaged.
Ancient Capital of the Kingdom of GondorLost in the Waters of Anduin, during the Kin-strife
Once called the Tower of the Sun, now the Tower of the GuardRemained in Middle Earth, but sullied with images of Denethor's burning hands
Once called the Tower of the Moon, now the Tower of Dark SorceryProbably lost in the ruins of Barad-dur.

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