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How well do you know South Australia and its capital Adelaide?

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South Australian author of Possum Magic and other children's picture books
Adelaide's Christmas Pageant features Nipper and ...
Barunga and Hummock Ranges near Snowtown are home to South Australia's largest ...... farm
late 70's, early 80's rock group formed in Adelaide, with hits such as Khe Sanh
Coastal town home to the Tunarama Festival
Where is the Blue Lake?
Annual world music festival held in March in the Botanical Gardens
Outback town where up to 80% of the world's opals are mined
There are no foxes on this large island
Town with caves nearby with one of the 10 world's greatest fossil sites, and SA's only UNESCO World Heritage site
Indigenous people of Adelaide and surrounding areas
Karra wirra-parri is the Aboriginal name of what river?
In 1895, South Australia was the first state in Australia to allow who to vote?
Last name of the Surveyor-General who in 1864 drew a line across the state determining agricultural areas
Popular residents of the Port River (estuary)

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