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Can you name the words, from A-Z, that end in the letter 'H'from the clues provided?

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The curved head of an openingA
To make lighter in colour, as by exposure to sunlightB
To expel air from the lungs suddenly with a harsh noiseC
To wet thoroughly; soakD
Adequate, sufficientE
Newly made or obtainedF
A defect or malfunctionG
A tobacco pipe of Near Eastern origin with a long, flexible tubeH
Inhabitants of the piece of land to the West of Great BritainI
Soft, gelatinous sea creatureJ
Something of tawdry design, appearance or contentK
To be weak or feeble; to lose vigour & vitalityL
(Informal) Of food - a desire to keep eating the same thingM
An angular or V-shaped cutN
An exclamation of painO
An agricultural implementP
To put down or suppressQ
Having a coarse or uneven surfaceR
A type of breadS
A songbird of the Turdinae familyT
Arrogant, condescendingU
To disappearV
A woman who uses magicW
A non-igneous rock fragment embedded in igneous rockX
Tinged with a specific pale colourY
(Slang) Nothing, naughtZ

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