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Can you name the actor or actress by the roles they have played?

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She was a computer voice that worked as a Russian spy and once got lost in translation
He was a rebellious dockworker that would become the head of a crime family and a rogue war criminal
She was a princess that would become the manipulate wife of a cult leader and the aid of a Superman
She was the Vice President of America who became a psychotic one night stand that was Cruella De Vil
She was a nun with a magical flying umbrella who would dress as a man
He was an angel sent down from Heaven that would moonlight as a blind superhero and rob banks
He had a hangover in Vegas before he became bipolar and worked for the FBI
She was a hooker that took down a billion dollar company and became an art professor
He was a pool hustler before he became a rebellious convict and the coach of a minor league of a hockey team
She was an FBI agent that hid from criminals inside a special room in her house after she was a rape victim
He was an obese college teacher that could talk to animals before he became a talking donkey
He was a musical French prisoner that went on a frantic search for missing his daughter with the use of his metal claws

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