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QUIZ: Can you name the actors/actresses based on the roles they've played?

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He was an amnesiac that was also a brilliant mathematician who was secretly a serial killer
She was a space queen that went crazy as a ballerina and befriended hitmen as a child
She was Queen Elizabeth I before she became Bob Dylan and a rich socialite on the verge of a nervous breakdown
She was an undercover FBI agent who fought for her life in space and once drove a speeding bus
He was a famous country singer that fell in love with his computer and joined a cult after WWII
He was a crazed hotel caretaker that became a werewolf at night and was also the Devil
He was a gladiator that was a schizophrenic who fought as a boxer
He was a homosexual councilman that avenged his daughter's death and was a stoner in high school
He was a distressed middle aged suburbanite who believed he was an alien and was a murderous boss
He was a nameless cowboy that was racist towards Asians and trained female boxers
She was a sex addict who had the power to shapeshift and played in a fight-to-the-death match
She was a melancholic teenager who had a thing for scissor handed men and had a stint at a mental hospital
She was a forgetful girlfriend who worked as a Nazi guard and became a suburban housewife

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