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Can you name the actors/actresses based on the roles they've played?

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She was a boxer who tried to pass as a man and communicate with her dead husband
She was a network exec who liked to rob banks and hates wire hangers
She was a princess who moonlighted as a cat burglar and dressed in prada
He liked to dress in drag while fighting for custody of his son and being seduced by older women
He was a Greek god who trained a young Jedi while trying to save his kidnapped daughter
She was a green princess who worked as a secret agent and used a 'special' brand of hair gel
She was the nasty head of a fashion magazine who fought a nuclear power plant and became Prime Minister of Great Britain
He was a sports agent who also worked as a secret agent who fought Martians
He was a cruel plantation owner who liked to enter people's dreams and sail big ships
He was a kid in an adult's body who loved to kiss mermaids and fight in World War II
He was a pet detective who lied constantly and was unaware his life was a TV Show
He was a convicted boxer who worked as a crooked cop and defended AIDS patients
He was an anarchist who aged backwards and fought off zombies

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