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Can you solve these word ladders themed around 'hippie sports'?

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║Shredding║ and ●Bowling●
Shoe with a blade on it 
A large number of similar things 
Sgt Pepper & Lucy in the Sky lack this poker suit 
2nd best outcome in The Big Lebowski's sport 
Boxes hippie-style: w/o intent to hurt 
Wild pigs 
Two-by-four, for example 
║Snowboarding║ and ▬Surfboarding▬
179's relationship to 358 
Healthy and hearty 
The King of the Surf Guitar 
Surfing pioneer Kalama 
You have to catch one of these to surf 
To marry a woman 
'____-out': fall off a surfboard 
Sherlock Holmes and many hippies own one 
●Frisbee● and ◌Hacky Sack◌
Digital versatile ____ 
Royal treasury 
Disallowed body part in hacky sack 
Water vapor 
How many hippies recycle or compost? 
Of no practical significance 
Allowed body part in hacky sack 
Hippies often prefer this to be vegetarian 
Hippie slogan: 'If it feels ____, do it' 
'Nature's first green' according to Robert Frost 
Sport with albatrosses, eagles and birdies 
▫Table Tennis▫ and ∞Bird Watching∞
Homer Simpson's favorite brand is Duff 
Grateful Dead mascot designed by Bob Thomas 
1950s generation that influenced hippie culture 
Bird watching muppet 
Homer Simpson's oldest child 
1960s slang for 'young woman' 
Turn loose leaves into a book 
Search engine 
Classic hippie paraphernelia 
Strong, unpleasant odor 
₪Gyrating₪ and ☼Gardening☼
Polynesian dance 
Outer husk of a seed or grain 
Ponder or think upon 
Grind grain into flour 
Prepare the earth for seeds 
Bridge-crossing tax 
Gardening or farming impliment 
Hip (as in the root of 'hippie') 
To bake flour into bread or other dishes 
Shape of grain-harvesting blades like sickles 
Shape of the five Olympic rings 
↑Javelin↑ and ●Shot Put●
Mower's domain 
Opposite of dusk 
To mend with knitting needles 
Small hand-thrown missile 
A legal wrong that could lead to a civil suit 
In need of mending 
The center of the planet 
Jazz pianist Nat King 
What the mending covers 
■Gymnastics■, ├ High Jump ┤ and ○Cycling○
Spiritual exercise imported from India 
Loose garment, more Roman than hippie 
Country between Ghana and Benin 
Stick that lets you get high 
Collared garment, more preppie than hippie 
Rapper Drake's carpe diem motto (acronym) 
Given name of artist, activist & hippie icon Ono 
Wooden crosspiece between two oxen 
Another way of getting high 
Small child (less common spelling) 
Hippie transportation of choice 
☻Cooperative Wrestling☻ and other +Summer Sports+
Supposedly non-existent type of lunch 
Hippies hug this 
'Shall I compare ____ to a summer's day?' 
Anyone who isn't us 
Be swarming with 
Academic period: 'summer ____' 
Sommersby (1993) actor 
Environmental (read:Hippie-friendly) US VP 
Hippies know 1967 as the 'Summer of ____' 

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