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Synonym TitleReal Title
Colorless Day of Rest
Exterminate, Infant, Exterminate
Thanatos Strides atop Elevated Footwear
Hemoglobin and Dark Embroidery
The Peculiar Bad Habits of Mrs. Wardh
The Life-Fluid Splattered Silhouette
The Evening Evelyn Emerged from the Crypt
The Mystery of the Arachnid's Metasoma
The Crimson Monarch Murders on More Than Half a Dozen Occasions
The Ornithology Subject with the Quartz Feathers
The Incident of the Vascular Flower
The Maiden Who Understood Overly Well
The Abode with Chuckling Casements
The Grim Reaper Spawned an Ovum
Psychosomatic Reaction to Art (2 words)
A Reptile in Feminine Epidermis
Extinction Perambulates at 12 AM
The Domicile with the Sallow Rug
Platform Fear
Axe for the Post-Marital Vacation
Synonym TitleReal Title
Who Observed Her Expire?
Your Guilty Pleasure Is An Inaccessible Compartment and I Alone Have the Cipher
Cutlery in the Absence of Light
Sunken Scarlet
Brief Nocturnal Period of the Transparent Homunculi
Unnaturalness Chronicle
The Murderer Is Compelled to Slay Once More
The Entire Spectrum of Oblivion
An Insect Quartet on Slate Cashmere
Residence Adjacent to the Graveyard
Irrational Suspicion (1 word)
Illegal Snapshots of a Dame Beyond Doubt
Raven Stomach of the Spider
Optical Organ in the Maze
Avoid Manhandling a Baby Mallard
Spasm of the Fatal Dendrite
Dagger of Frozen Water
Imprints on the Lunar Surface
Undress Completely for Your Bane

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