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Symbolic technicolor melodramas
Working class UK and social realism
Jump cuts, Marxism and Anna Karina
Deep focus B/W noirs
American race relations
Marlene Dietrich in soft focus
Gore, shock and yakuza
Road movies and rock music
Rome, upperclass decadence and sex
Big-budget genre blockbusters
Body horror
Vietnam and US presidents
Oscar-winning comedies and noir
Low budget double features and Poe
Opulence, crane shots and female leads
Parodies and puns
French countryside and poetic realism
A childlike sense of wonder
Alternating indie and mainstream
Sentimental feel-good wholesomeness
Fast-paced witty dialogue
Saturated colors and Gong Li
Perfectionism and classical music
Sex, desire and family
Wry, stilted, deadpan delivery
Non-actors, realism and Ingrid Bergman
Revisionist revenge westerns
'Message' movies
Long takes, tracking shots and Greece
Spaghetti westerns
Style, mood and repeated music
Doves and explosions
Taiwan's troubled history
Suburbia, NJ and Silent Bob
Darkness, rain and grime
80's pop music, teens and Shermer, IL
DIY FX, synthesizers and Kurt Russell
Blondes, Freud and McGuffins
Animation and environmentalism
Improvisation, NYC and masculinity
Twist endings
Crudity and camp
Slow-motion blood spurts
Existential reveries on modern life
Long takes, morality and Belgium
Light, elegant, sophisticated 'touch'
Neurotic Jewish intellectual leads
Cyborgs and basset hounds
Dense, imaginative dark comedies
Film references and ironic violence
Low, static camera w/ 50mm lens
Winnipeg and silent movie styles
Revenge, brutality and precision
Metaphysics, memory and time
Long takes, car rides and Iran
The Mafia, De Niro and New York
Sweeping cinemascope epics
Moral dilemmas and long talks
Love, Paris and Antoine Doinel
Emotional gauntlets and controversy
Stop-motion mixed w/ live action
Split-screen and psychological thrills
Trains, stunts and slapstick
Painted, scratched and glued film stock
Rotoscoping and adult animation
Ensemble casts
Obsessive dreamers and madmen
Jimmy Stewart w/ a dark past
Sex, politics and history
Literary costume dramas
Sex, alienation and discomfort
Vermeer, Nyman, numbers and lists
Monument Valley
Italian horror and colored lighting
Gallows humor and sardonic violence
Heists w/ minimal dialogue
Montage and Soviet propaganda
Gothic art design
Nonlinear modern noirs
Shy vagrant with derby and mustache
Anticlerical, anti-bourgeois surrealism
Sex, composers and psychedelia
Long takes, geisha and Japan
Arctic austerity
Helicopters and sunsets
Long takes, B/W and Hungary
Dream sequences and vintage music
Deadpan B/W meditations on boredom
Dolly 'rush-ins' and Bruce Campbell
Shadows, Expressionism and crime
Quirky highbrow humor
3 interlocking circles
Flamboyant technicolor musicals

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