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Can you name the worldwide location that starts with letter Z?

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Forced Order
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CluePlace Name
City hosts some events on 2022 Winter Olympics
Democratic Republic of the Congo's former name
Semi-autonomous archipelago of Tanzania
Switzerland's largest city
Formerly known as Rhodesia in 1965
Formerly known as Northern Rhodesia
Inhabited volcanic island of South Sandwich Islands
Prefecture-level city in Ningxia, China
Ionians Islands' third largest island
Denmark's most populated island
CluePlace Name
Philippine province of Pinatubo's summit and crater lake located
Capital of Croatia
Municipality in Valparaiso Region, Spain
River that features Victoria Falls and Kariba Dam
Western peninsula of the Philippines' Mindanao island
Province in Castilla y León, Spain
Spanish province which its capital has the same name
Germany's highest mountain
Capital of Germany's Anhalt-Zerbst
Mexico's province and its capital has the same name

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