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Can you name the Characters of the Age of Mythology campaigns?

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Both Campaigns
Atlantean Admiral 
Son of Atlantean Admiral 
Nubian mercenary queen 
Greek hero from Troy 
Frost giant king of Midgard 
Elderly Atlantean theocrat 
Powerful Egyptian statue 
King of the titans 
Fall of the Trident
Greek hero of Troy 
Minotaur pirate  
Cyclops planning to open Tartarus 
Egyptian raider 
King of Mycenae 
Norse jarl 
Norse valkyrie 
Egyptian Osiris priest 
Greek god of the sea 
King of the Greek gods 
Dead Egyptian god 
God disguised as old man 
Elder dwarf brother 
Younger dwarf brother 
Norse god of war and lightning 
Egyptian godess 
Egyptian God of evil 
Centaur from Ioklos 
The New Atlantis
Servant of the titans 
Greek titan 
Egyptian titan 
Norse titan 
Egoistic Greek general 
Mother Earth 

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