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Can you name the Romantic Movies by Characters' Names (Couples)?

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Nick Charles, Nora Charles1934
Rhett Butler, Scarlett O'Hara1939
Walter Burns, Hildy Johnson1940
Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund1942
Harry 'Steve' Morgan, Marie 'Slim' Browning1944
Charlie Allnut, Rose Sayer 1951
Linus Larrabee, (Title Character) Fairchild1954 & 1995
Jean Robie, Frances Stevens1955
Nicky Ferrante, Terry McKay1957
Paul 'Fred' Varjak, Holly Golightly1961
Nick Arnstein, Fanny Brice1968
Oliver Barrett, Jennifer Cavalleri1970
Hubbell Gardner, Katie Morosky1973
Zack Mayo, Paula Pokrifki1982
Jack T. Colton, Joan Wilder1984
Walter Gibson, Alison Bradbury1985
Denys Finch Hatton, Karen von Blixen1985
Johnny Castle, Frances 'Baby' Houseman1987
Ronnie Cammareri, Loretta Castorini 1987
Jack Trainer, Tess McGill1988
Crash Davis, Annie Savoy1988
Lloyd Dobler, Diane Court1989
Edward Lewis, Vivian Ward1990
Sam Wheat, Molly Jensen1990
Sam Baldwin, Annie Reed1993
Andrew Shepherd, Sidney Ellen Wade1995
Robert Kincaid, Francesca Johnson1995
Jack Callaghan, Lucy Moderatz1995
Joe Fox, Kathleen Kelly1998
William Thacker, Anna Scott 1999
Steve Edison, Mary Fiore2001
Jonathan Trager, Sara Thomas2001
George Wade, Lucy Kelson2002
Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann2003
Noah Calhoun, Allie Hamilton2004

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