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Can you name the X-Men Evolution Villains by Episode?

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Forced Order
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'Strategy X'
'The X-Impulse'
'Rogue Recruit'
'Mutant Crush'
'Speed and Spyke'
'Turn of the Rogue'
'Survival of the Fittest
'Shadowed Past'
'The Cauldron'
'Growing Pains'
'Power Surge'
'Fun and Games'
'The Beast of Bayville'
'On Angel's Wings'
'African Storm'
'Walk on the Wild Side'
'Oberation: Rebirth'
'Shadow Dance'
'The Hex Factor'
'Day of Reckoning'
'Day of Recovery'
'The Stuff of Heroes'
'The Stuff of Villains'
'Blind Alley'
'X-Treme Measures'
'The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe'
'Self Possessed'
'Under Lock and Key'
'Cruise Control'
'****' (character name)
'Dark Horizon'
'No Good Deed'
'Target X'
'Sins of the Son'
'Cajun Spice'
'Ghost of a Chance'

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