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Can you name the villians in each episode of Spider-Man the Animated Series?

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Forced Order
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'Night of the ******'
'The ****** ******'
'Return of the ****** *******'
'****** *******: Armed and Dangerous'
'The Menace of ********'
'The Sting of the ********'
'****** the Hunter'
'The Alien Costume, Part 1'
'The Alien Costume: Part 2'
'The Alien Costum: Part 3'
'*********: Part 1'
'*********: Part 2'
'Day of the *********'
'The ********* ***'
'Battle of the ********* ***'
'The Mutant Agenda'
'The Mutants' Revenge'
'Enter the ********'
'Duel of the Hunters'
'Blade, the Vampire Hunter'
'The Immortal Vampire'
'Tablet of Time'
'Ravages of Time'
'Shriek of the *******'
'The Final Nightmare'
'Doctor Strange'
'Make a Wish'
'Attack of the Octobot'
'Enter the ***** ******'
'Rocket Racer'
'The Man Without Fear'
'The Ultimate Slayer'
'***** Returns'
'The ****'
'Goblin War!'
'Turning Point'
'The Cat'
'The Black Cat'
'The Return of ******'
'The Awakening'
'The Vampire Queen'
'The Return of the ***** ******'
'The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson'
'The ****** King'
'The Prowler'
'The Wedding'
'Six Forgotten Warriors'
'Unclaimed Legacy'
'Secrets of the Six'
'The Six Fight Again'
'The Price of Heroism'
'The Return of *****-***'
'Gauntlet of the *** *****'
'I Really, Really Hate Clones'
'Farewell, Spider-Man'

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