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Can you name the Planets & Moons seen & mentioned in the Star Wars movies?

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HintPlant/MoonEpisode Appearances
Desert planetI/II/III/IV/V/VI
Galactic capital worldI/II/III
Blockaded by the Trade FederationI/II/III
Peaceful world destroyed by the Death StarIII/IV
Yoda's place of exileV/VI
Qui-Gon knows they pod race here - mentioned onlyI
Where angels come from according to Anakin - mentioned onlyI
Grand Army of the Republic 'built' hereII
Insectoid occupants like elaborate executionsII
Anakin recused Obi-Wan from a nest o Gundarks - mentioned onlyII
Obi Wan came here over a border dispute - mentioned onlyII
Jango Fett recruited on a moon of this planet - mentioned onlyII
Dexter Jettster last saw a particular weapon prospecting here - mentioned onlyII
Has a small galaxy named after it - mentioned onlyII
Sinkhole separtist hideoutIII
Volcanic planetIII
Planet dominated by giant Woshyr treesIII
Planet where Aayla Secura was killedIII
Planet where Plo Koon was killedIII
Planet where Ki Adi Mundi was killedIII
Planet where Stass Allie was killedIII
Asteroid that is Luke & Leia's birthplaceIII
Master Vos moved his troops here - mentioned onlyIII
Rebel base in acient templesIV
The Flacon can outrun the big ships from this planet - mentioned onlyIV
3PO fears the mines - mentioned onlyIV
Site of former Rebel Base - mentioned onlyIV
Producer of Tibanna GasV
Frozen watelandV
Location of the 'garbage' Falcon - mentioned onlyV
Han ran in to some bounty hunters on this planet - mentioned onlyV
Moon home to unlikely heroesVI
Rebel fleet was massing here - mentioned onlyVI
Site of Lando's famed manoeuvre - mentioned onlyVI

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