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Driving down the road, I stop to listen
Or she will be dismissed
Wasted smiles away, what's there left to say?
I've heard many words but I still won't forget
Sun is touching mountain top
Your way to fame is all in vain
Each lovely night and sunny day
Are you a shadow of what might be?
Ballerinas dancing the Swan Lake
Pay for the hopeless despair
I lost my mind somewhere between
Those who went through desert
Stood by your side, no matter what the cost
LyricSongCountry - Artist
So rest on me darling
Spread your wings and fly
But look at the boy who went out in the world
Day by day, night by night
The man is magical
Put the blindfold on his eyes
No second chances if I don't find it
I dream of those lips
I live on cloud nine
Oh, on the surface
Like a morning light
For the spotlight, day and night

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