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Played Captain Jean-Luc Picard
'Number One'
The First Captain Janeway
Bartender on Enterprise D
First time we saw a starship land was in which series
Janeway's security officer
Member of the Maquis who wasn't really Bajoran
Battle which destroyed 40 starships
Betazoid counselor
Star Trek creator
Fourth series in francise
Became Locutus of Borg
Was played by Kate Mulgrew
Android on TNG
Also appeared in DS9
Fifth series in franchise
They tried to stop Zefram Cochrane
Janeway's Ship
Vulcan on the Enterprise
Acting Ensign on Enterprise D
He likes to pop in now and then
Chef on Voyager
She only lives nine years
Suicidal Q
She helped get Voyager home
Doctor on the Enterprise D
He changed history to prevent his crew members from dieing
He's blind
She likes perfection
Voyager's Doctor
TNGs cheif of security (until their death)
Scott Bakula was the actor, who did he play
Doctor in TOS
Communications Officer in TOS
They first met in New Zealand
Janeway was quite good at this
His brother and nephew died in a fire
Second person to give birth on Voyager.
He is Russian

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