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How well do you know Captain Janeway?

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Where is Janeway from
When is Janeway's birthday
How many siblings does Janeway have
In her youth what did Janeway take lessons in
Where did she go hiking with her father at the age of nine
How did her father die
Who brought Janeway fresh roses everyday while she was at Starfleet Academy
What is Janeway's favourite beveridge
Janeway's first posting was on which starship
Janeway was a commander on which starship
Janeway became captain of which starship
In what year did Janeway meet Tuvok
While she was a junior science officer, what captains privilege did Janeway envy
When did Janeway and Tuvok become close
What was Janeway's fiance called
How many times has Janeway died in the series
What dance did she learn at the age of six
What year did Janeway get Voyager home
What year did Voyager get home, thanks to the help of Admiral Janeway
In 2379 what was Janeway's position in Starfleet

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