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Who held the supermarket customers hostage?
What is Lynette's twin son called?
What was Betty's other son called?
Who was Bree's first husband?
Who blackmailed Angie, then was hit by a plane?
Who was the new neighbour in Season 6?
What was Angie's son called?
Who was Gabrielle's second husband?
Who refused to recycle their trash?
What year did DH premiere?
Which season focused on a new neighbour?
Which season focused on another neighbour?
Who was shot dead in the supermarket in the episode 'Bang'
What is Susans's stepson called?
What network did DH run on?
Who was Katherine's first husband?
What is Lynette's oldest daughter called?
Which season focused on another neighbour?
What is Bree's grandosn called?
Who stangled Julie?
In season one, Andrew had a boyfriend. What was he called?
Who was Gabrielle's first husband?
What was Katherine's address?
What was Lynette's husband called?
What was Susan's address?
What year was it on Wisteria Lane at the end of the show?
Which season focused on suicide and a secret?
What is Bree's son called?
What was Mary Alice's address?
Who was Bree's second husband?
What is Lynette's youngest daughter called?
What year did DH end?
Which housewife had a drinking problem?
Who was Paul Young's second wife?
What was Betty's son called?
What was Karl's nickname for Susan?
What is Katherine's daugher called?
What is Bob and Lee's address?
What was the name of Orson's wife he apparently murdered?
Who did Orson knock down and kill?
What was Mrs McCluskey's address?
Who was Renee's second husband
Which housewife was clumsy?
What is Lynette's twin son called?
What was Martha's sister called?
Who got Danielle pregnant?
Who died in the Applewhite's basement?
What was Lynette's mum called?
Who was Gabrielle having an affair with in season one
What is Lynette's youngest son called?
What is Gabrielle's biological daugher called?
Who was Susan's first husband?
Who was Renee's first husband?
Who was Bree's third husband?
What is Renee's address?
What was Bree's address?
What was Gabrielle alleric to?
Which neighbour died in the finale?
A new neighbour moved onto the lane at the end of season one, what was she called?
Which season focused on the return of a neighbour
What was the name of Danielle's husband?
Who burned down Susan's house?
What is Edie's son called?
How many seasons did the show run for?
How many years passed on Wisteria Lane during the shows run?
How did Mama Solis die?
What are Gabrielle's daughters called?
Who was Susan's second husband?
What is Susan's daughter called?
What was Gabrielle's address?
What instrument did Susan play?
What is the name of the street?
Who was Zach's grandfather?
Who was Katherine's second husband?
Who did Matthew murder?
Which housewife had the most kids?
What was Carlos's neice called?
What was Susan's mum called?
What was Martha Huber's address?
How many episodes of DH were there?
What was Lynette's address?
What was the name of the Solis's gardener who was hit by a bus?
What was Tom Scavo allergic to?
What was the name of the nun Gabrielle fought with?
Which US state is the show set in?
Which housewife was a model?
Who created Desperate Housewives?
Which season focused on a house husband?
Which season focused on another husband?
Where is Wisteria Lane?
Who was the last character to be seen in DH?
Who murdered Martha Huber?
What is the name of the twin Lynette miscarried?
What is Susan's son called?
What was Angie's husband called?
What is Bree's daughter called?
Who narrates the show?
What was the name of Andrew's husband?
Which neighbour died in the tornado?
Who murderd Rex?

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