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#Song Artist/TitleA little extra?
1.A popular folk song...?
2.Where would you be without love?
3.Hello, New Zealand.
4.Creepy video, I must admit. Creepy lyrics too.
5.More New Zealand.
6.Whoever who doesn't know this obviously wasn't born in this decade. No wait... -_-
7.I love the catchy simplicity of this song. Much like me. :D
8.Ah, so, when did you get your first six string?
9.Makes me shiver because it hits me true.
10.I didn't realise how depressing this was until I thought about it.
11.Stalker song. Wanna stalk someone? Do it to this song. Do you see the irony?
12.I love the Just Dance version of this... NOT.
13.This is too overrated. And more depressing than any other song here.
14.Bangin' my head to keyboard. ROCK ON!
#Song Artist/TitleA little extra?
15.Take her advice.
16.Australian. Bah. (Enough said.)
17.Who doesn't know this hasn't yet crawled out of their hole....
18.Who doesn't know this needs to confine themselves to life.
19.Who doesn't know this... forget it. Go dance somewhere.
20.It sounds cooler on guitar.
21.I think you should do what the song does... :D
22.I am a romantic fool. Lol, JK, I'm just polishing my sword of venegance.
23.Classic of classic of classic rock music. Did I mention, a classic?
24.I will give you the Australian band.
25.Personally, I prefer W3.
26.Too many sparkly vampires out there for you?
27.Just a random one to end with.

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