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Can you name the well-known people who died under bizarre circumstances?

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Circumstances of DeathNotable PersonYear of Death
Was in the back seat of a convertible wearing a long, flowing scarf. The scarf got stuck in the spokes of a back wheel, and she was thrown from the car and dragged behind it.1927
FDR said this actress was the first woman killed in the line of duty in WWII. She died in a plane crash after rallying for war bond sales on behalf of the government.1942
Had a minor fall when skiing, got up, and joked about it. The first sign of injury (a bad headache) came hours later. She went to the hospital, but died of an epidural hematoma.2009
Members of this band drew cards for the best bunk on the tour bus. Bassist Cliff Burton won. That night Burton was thrown out the window of the 'best bunk' when the bus swerved.1986
Put her head in a gas oven. One biographer said it was just a cry for help, because she left her neighbor a note to call her doctor. (He overslept, and didn't see it in time.)1963
He was found dead by strangulation in a hotel room. It was presumably auto-erotic - there was no sign of foul play, and a shoelace was wrapped around his neck and his genitals.2009
Despite a lifelong, crippling fear of water, she went on a boat ride - and drowned. Some doubt the story given by the men with her, who said she disappeared climbing into a dinghy.1981
Died when her SUV rolled down a hill. The bizarre part is that somewhere between 7 and 11 others were in the SUV (or was it a clown car?), and they all survived.2002
Circumstances of DeathNotable PersonYear of Death
Shot to death at a motel, not by a stalker, but a close friend who was the president of her fan club. This 'friend' then held police at bay for 10 hours by threatening suicide.1995
One of his assassins (dubiously) claimed this man survived 5 lethal doses of poison, 4 gunshots to the back, AND severe bludgeoning. Death finally occurred by drowning.1916
Shot to death by his 70-year-old father on April 1. He'd given his father the gun as a gift. When the news broke, many fans assumed it was an April Fools joke.1984
A 911 caller reported seeing this man standing in the bed of a moving pickup truck, banging on the back window. He was next seen lying in the road. His fiancee was the driver.2009
Died of two stab wounds, which were apparently self-inflicted. He argued with his girlfriend, who claims she then showered, came out of the bathroom, and found him bleeding.2003
His appendix burst after a fan tested his claim that he could take any punch to the stomach. (To be fair, appendicitis may have started earlier, so the punches may be unrelated.)1926
Dropped 78 feet from the Kemper Arena's ceiling onto the ring's top rope, in an entrance gone awry. The pay-per-view broadcast fortunately wasn't showing live footage at the time.1999
Had a coughing fit onstage acting in his own play, Le Malade Imaginaire (The Hypochondriac), and then died. He refused medical help, insisting the show must go on.1673

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