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Can you name the Songs of 2000-09, by their descriptions?

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'A inspirational as Rocky, with (name of Artist) rapping about the kind of poverty he grew up in - and showing the superhuman rhyme powers that got him out of it.'
'Going back to disco, as she always does and always should, (Name of Artist) hustled up a chintzy-sounding ABBA sample and a drag queen's wet dream of a chorus.'
'The paramount example of (Name of Artist)'s blank-slate gorgeousness turns on a simple melody and a dangling chorus of 'You are...'; the rest is left to our imaginations.'
'Inspired by (Name of Artist)'s beef with the mother of one-time girlfriend Erykah Badu.'
'The Auto-Tune revolution began with this dance-floor epiphany...a lovingly detailed trbute to Seventies disco with cyborg voices, wildly EQ'ed horns and an elephantine groove.'
'Little more than an acoustic guitar and the trembling voice of a dying man staring down his failures.'
'The idea of a universal pop hit seemed old-fashioned. Then (Name of Artist) showed up, packed a career's worth of genius into (these) 3 minutes - and then basically disappeared.'
'The song that re-established (Name of Band) as the world's biggest band looked backward, reviving the skyscraping sound of their classics...(It's) a prayer for a wounded world.'
'This pint-size disco dolly seduced the U.S. with this mirror-ball classic, chanting that obsessive melody in a sea of 'ba-ba-ba' vocals. (It's been playing) at the gym ever since.
'(Name of Artist) cheerfully threatened to steal your money, over a sample from the Clash, tossing in cash-register rings, gunshots, and shout-outs to Third-World slums.'
'Is this a stick of bubblegum? Or a stick of dynamite? With this megahit (Name of Artist) moved from inspiration to indignation and gave teen pop a feisty new template.'
'(Name of Artist) testifies to the power of love as if she's miraculously channeling Siouxsie and Sam Cooke at the same time, wailing the word 'wait' with a heartsick ache.'
'The horns weren't a hook. They were a herald: Pop's new queen had arrived.'
'Despite Dido's reassurances, this story won't end well.'
'Two keyboard dorks air their rockstar fantasies - 'I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin' - and force you to guess if it was a goof, biting satire, or (just maybe) serious.'
'(Name of Artist)'s most pleasurable single ever, (thanks in part) to (Name of Featured Artist)'s Ray Charles impression.'
'Needless to say, it was a relief for Beyonce to be upgraded to 'nonproblem' status.'
'A genre-humping blur of acoustic guitars, hand claps, dance instructions and (Name of Artist's) funktastic charm.'
'That acoustic guitar riff gives (Name of Artist) the courage to (leave a no-good lover)....At 13 letters, this was the longest one-word #1 single, beating 'Superstition.'
'Bollywood strings! Surf guitar! Euro disco! This hit proved that (Name of Artist) could turn whacked-out techno pop into delicious bubblegum.'
'(Name of Artist) howls about a rage so intense, he could take on an army all by himself. Result: the greatest riff of the decade.'
'The humor in (Name of Artist)'s salvo is darker now, given subsequent...misbehaviors.'
'A snappy, silver-lined indie pop march...its chill-pill positivity nailed the zeitgeist during Bush's re-election: Good news is slow sometimes.'
'(Name of Artist) rapped over thundering martial drums on this gospel testimonial...introducing a hip-hop star who could single-handedly create more drama than a carful of Crips.'
'(Name of Artist) introduced himself to the world with a kickass beat, stepping through the club to charm the ladies with boasts of his bullet wounds and his bountiful bar tab.'

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