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Can you name the One-Time-Only Actor/Director Pairings?

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Steven Spielberg/Matt Damon
Clint Eastwood/Meryl Streep
Woody Allen/Christopher Walken
Stanley Kubrick/Nicole Kidman
Joel Coen/Brad Pitt
George Lucas/Ron Howard
Martin Scorsese/Lorraine Bracco
Quentin Tarantino/Robert De Niro
Peter Jackson/Naomi Watts
Alfred Hitchcock/Kim Novak
Milos Forman/Jim Carrey
Francis Ford Coppola/Laurence Fishburne
Ang Lee/Chow Yun-Fat
James Cameron/Jamie Lee Curtis
John Waters/Jerry Stiller
Nicholas Ray/James Dean
Ridley Scott/Harrison Ford
Spike Lee/Rosie Perez
Christopher Nolan/Katie Holmes
John Hughes/Jennifer Grey
M. Night Shyamalan/Samuel L. Jackson
Tim Burton/Ewan McGregor
Oliver Stone/Tom Cruise
Judd Apatow/Ryan Seacrest

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