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This Is A Spanish Speaking Country And Has A Population Of Around 10 Million
This Borders The 5 Times World Cup Winners 
This Country Is One Of The Most Secretive Natured Country
This Country Beat Italy In The 1966 World Cup 
This Country Is Home To Guantanamo Bay
This Country Is In The Carribean 
This Is Currently Where Riots Are Taking Place
The Population Is 79,089,650 
The Current President Is Gurbanguly Berdynukhammedov
This Country Got Independence From The Soviet Union In 1991 
This Is The Largest Country In It's Continent
There Motto Is 'Victory Is Ours' 
This Country Is Hosting The Fifa World Cup 2022
They Recently Held The Asia World Cup 
This Country's Main Sport Is Rugby
It's Largest City Is Aukland 
This Is A Popular Tourist Attraction
It Is Located In The Pacific Ocean 
This Is A Poor Country And Experiences Many Floods
It Borders India 
Edin Dzeko Is From Here
Sarajevo Is The Capital Of This Country 
This Has The Highest Crime Rate In The World
Karl Pilkington Recently Went Here On His Travels On 'An Idiot Abroad' 
It's Flag Is Yellow, Green And Red
It's Average Life Expectency Is 72 Years 
This Is Famous For It's Pirates
It's On The East Coast Of Africa 
It Has A Picture Of A Dragon On It's Flag
It's Official Language Is Dzongkha 

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