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What was the master european race that Hitler believed in?
Hitler's idea of German growth and acquiring land
The naval pact between Germany and Britain
Area of Germany that was de-militarized after World War I
Coalition formed between Germany and Italy
Strategy of giving someone what they wanted in order to avoid war
Prime Minister of Great Britain before World War II
Meeting between France, Germany, and Britain discussing the occupation of the Sudetenland
Austrian territory occupied by Hitler during his string of invasions
Book by Neville Chamberlain
Agreement between Hitler and Stalin to remain neutral between each other
Hitler's strategy of invasion
French Fortification system along the Rhineland
Major Withdrawal point of the Allied powers
Prime Minster who tool over after Chamberlain
German Bombing of the city of London
American Naval base attacked by the Japanese
Asian Territory claimed by the Japanese during World War II
The Japanese plan to create a self-sufficient group of Asian bloc nations
Great Britain, America, and Russia formed the?
City where the Russian army defeated the attacking German Front
Most important Naval battle of the Pacific Campaign
Largest Beachhead Landing in History
Largest Tank battle in history
The Political order that Hitler tried to impose on Nazi Germany
One of the members of the failed assassination plot against Hitler
German Mass Extermination of members of the Jewish Race
Plan to send the Jews to Madagascar
Plan to carry out a mass genocidal execution of the Jews
Special Forces to round up Jews
Most Famous Nazi death camp
Meeting of the High Nazi officials to discuss the Final Solution
Mass killing chambers used by the Nazis
Female Workers who replaced the men working in the agricultural industry
The campaign for citizens to grow their own food to sustain the war efforts
The way the Russians described their efforts of World War II
Russian Female aviators
Hitler's Chief Architect
Forms of Suicide that the Japanese used to kill American Soldiers
German Air Force
German Strategic of Britain and Northern Ireland
British military leader who organized the strategic bombing of Germany
German city that was fire bombed by the United States
Group of officials assembled to assess the Allied Strategic bombing campaign
Two cities upon which the American A-bombs were dropped
Stalin, roosevelt, and churchill
Conference of the big three discussing the Post-war reconstruction
Conference deciding the punishment of Nazi Germany
The term used by Churchill describing the Russian Communist regime

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