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Forced Order
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Two lovers run away to be together, but a misunderstanding causes them both to commit suicide.
After being abandoned by the man she loved on a desolate little island, she was rescued by Bacchus, or Dionysis, who married her.
This architectural genius build the famed labyrinth of King Minos, and later watched his son perish when the boy flied too close to the sun.
This sculptor vowed never to marry, then fell in love with a statue he had created himself.
The goddess of spring who was kidnapped by Hades, or Pluto, and forced to marry him.
This lovely girl boasted that her weaving skills surpassed that of a goddess, with tragic results.
A hunter with Artemis, and one of her favorites; she mistakenly shot him with an arrow and killed him.
This sweet nymph was unable to win her beloved's heart; now she spends her days pining away in a cave.
The slayer of the one mortal Gorgon, Medusa
The lover of Cupid; their daughter was Pleasure
A hasty wish granted made it so that everything he touched turned to gold.
A young nymph who won his true love's hand by dressing as an old woman and telling her a tale of love.

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