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Can you name the rulers of Westeros?

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Called the Conqueror, ruled from 0 AL to 37 AL.
Ruled from 37 AL to 42 AL.
Called the Cruel, ruled from 42 AL to 48 AL.
Called the Concilliator or the Wise this man ruled for 55 years, from 48 AL to 103 AL.
Ruled from 103 AL to 129 AL first of his name.
Fought in the Dance of the Dragons, ruled from 129 AL to 131 AL.
Called the Dragonbane, he ruled from 131 AL to 157 AL.
Called the Young Dragon, this man ruled from 157 AL to 161 AL.
Known as the Blessed, he built the Great Sept. Ruled from 161 AL to 171 AL.
He ruled only one year from 171 AL to 172 AL.
Called the Unworthy ruled from 172 AL to 184 AL.
Ruling from 184 AL to 209 AL he was deemed The Good.
Ruled from 209 AL to 221 AL First of his name.
Ruled from 221 AL to 233 AL Fought for the Targaryens in the Blackfyre rebellion.
Ruling from 233 AL to 259 AL he was called the Unlikely, the fourth son of a fourth son.
Ruled from 259 AL to 262 AL Thought weak by many, actually ruled well.
This man, known as the Mad King ruled from 262 AL to 283 AL.
Led a rebellion named after him, he ruled from 283 AL until 298 AL.
Cruel and wrathful, he ruled from 298 AL to 300 AL.
Young and innocent, this boy king ascended the throne in 300 AL.
Golden haired and beautiful.

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