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Can you name the events of the 1970s?

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This serial killer terrorizes New York City
This person is arrested for those serial killings in New York City
Pioneering video game system introduced
A grand jury refused to indict this senator for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne
This former president of France dies in 1970
The US suspends use of this defoliant in Vietnam after it is proven to cause birth defects in mice
U.S. Lt. William Calley, Jr. is convicted of the premeditated murder of 22 civilians in this Vietnamese village
Communist China invited the U.S. national team of this sport for a visit after visitation restrictions to China are lifted
British paratroopers shoot and kill 13 protesters in Northern Ireland. The incident is given this morbid name.
President Nixon becomes the first president to visit this country
Nixon and Breshnev sign this famous nuclear arms limitation treaty
These two White House officials are directly linked to the Watergate break in
This actress is rebuked by the US State Department for antiwar statements she made to troops in North Vietnam
This terrorist group held hostage nine Israeli athletes at the Olympic games. All nine athletes are eventually killed.
These reporters uncover evidence directly connecting Nixon with the Watergate break-ins
This former Teamsters leader disappears from a restaurant in Bloomfield, Michigan
The parents of this woman, in a coma for nearly a year, are given the right to remove her from life support: the famous 'right to die' ruling
'The Blackout of 1977' occurs in this city
The US Senate votes to give control of the Panama Canal to this country in 1999
This pope dies just 33 days into his papacy
This openly gay politician about whom a movie was made is murdered in the San Francisco City Hall
This Chicago serial killer admits to raping and killing 33 boys and men, then burying their bodies.
52 Americans are taken hostage in this country
A stampede at the concert of which famous band at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium killed 11 young fans?
This country invades Afghanistan.
This fad sweeps across college campuses throughout the country.
This type of 'predictive' toy jewelry sells nearly 20 million in 1975.
This simple 'sedimentary' 'toy' makes a millionaire of inventor, Gary Dahl.
Tom Wolfe coins this term to describe the decade as the baby boomers begin paying more attention to their own selfish needs
This gymnast earns three perfect '10s' in women's gymnastics at the 1976 Olympics
This epic TV miniseries based on Alex Haley's novel about slavery is aired
This face painted band is the most famous band in 1977
This 'Charlie's Angels' blonde becomes one of the most famous pin-up girls in history
This fad is a combination of the music style of the decade and a popular recreational activity
This electronic memory game is released in 1978
This xenophobic video game is released in Japanese arcades and for an American gaming console
'Disco Demolition Night' at this ballpark causes a massive riot and injuries to many in attendance
This Gary Gygax creation becomes synonymous with nerds and geeks for decades to come
A former talent agent creates this popular line of chocolate chip cookies
Sony creates this video recording format which is eventually replaced by VHS
Sony introduces this portable music player
This famous disco opens in New York, notorious for its many celebrity guests and hedonistic behavior.
This granddaughter of a famous publishing magnate is kidnapped and later joins her kidnappers in a bank robbery

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