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Hunting deer at this time of year? Not allowed in my country.
Hunting foxes at this time of year? Not allowed in my country.
So this girl thinks she's better than her hardworking neighbours? And how about keeping promises?
As if superhero powers were genetic.
Underage drinking. Through the nose. WTF? No wonder he gets delirious.
This prince has no personality. Poor girl. At least he can dance.
Rodents in the UN headquarters. Horrifying!
Rodents in Buckinham Palace. Horrifying!
Manipulating a guy by pulling his hair. Are you serious?
The girl could have had three wishes as well... less problems.
'Doc Hollywood' without Michael J. Fox
As if anybody would mistake him for a dog.
CommentMovie Title
Would Victor Hugo want a feel-good ending?
Typical boy. He sees a cute girl and immediately leaves his friends who just saved his life.
You try to aim that well on stilts. Not possible.
Murder, angst, scary situations - you call that a kid's movie? Just because of the funny animals?
What do vegetarian sharks eat anyway?
Funny, doesn't seem like 100 years...
How does that horse hold a sword?
Can't believe he fell for that 'no hard feelings' and 'the drinks got warm' stuff.
Never trust a cat. Much less two cats. Especially Siamese cats.
Nice music but no story, why is this so famous?
As if nobody wouldn't notice a bunch of action figures running around all over town.
Yodelling cattle into a trance? Yeah, right.

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