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These are some questions you should know the answer to but probably don't

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What is the capital of Sweden?Geography
What prestigious price did Bob Dylan win in 2016 for his lyrics?Music
From what country is Malala Yousafzai?Geography
How many miles is there in a kilometer?Measurment
When did the french revolution officially break out?History
Who was the first roman emperor?Ancient history
Two or more atoms together is called a?Science
Which american president in the order is Donald Trump?American presidents
For which football/soccer teams does Lionel Messi play for?Sports
What is the UN refugee agency called?World politics
How high is mount Everest (rounded to the nearest hundred meters)?Geography
What is the nation bird of the United States?Science
From what country did the US get the Statue of Liberty?History
Which is Michael Jacksons most famous and most sold album?Music
Which team won the last NBA finals?Sports
The Australian natives are called?Culture
From which country comes the famous dish paella?Food
Which country was the first to send a person into space?History
What profession did Charlie Chaplin have?Culture
What is the movie called starring Morgan Freeman and Tid Robbins that is based on a Stephen King novel?Culture

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