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Can you name the facts about Mongolia?

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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Symbol on Flag
Prime Minister
Capital City
National Anthem
Unicameral Parliament
Official Language
Primary Writing System (Alphabet)
Age of Suffrage
Founder of Mongol Empire
Above's Given Name
Dynasty Founded by Kublai Khan
Hero of 1921 Revolution (also Main Square in Capital)
Largest Religion
Second Largest Ethnic Group
Primary Continent
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Next-nearest Country (38 km)
Ruled by this Chinese Dynasty from 1691-1911
Politically Dominated by this Nation from 1922-90
Number of Aimags (Provinces)
Largest Aimag
Smallest Aimag
Highest Mountain Range
Highest Point (4,374 m)
Lowest Point (518 m)
Largest Desert
Largest Lake by Volume
Longest River
Primary Ecoregion or Biome
Largest Mineral Export (by Weight)
World's Second Largest Producer of this Type of Wool
National Animal
Native Camel Species
Drive on the ____ Side of Road
Internet Country Code
Largest National Festival
Three Manly Sports
Three Manly Sports
Three Manly Sports
Common Circular Dwelling
Traditional Tunic-like Garment
Unique Stringed Instrument
Unique Singing Style

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