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Can you name the Geology Mineral Formulas?

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Mineral NameMineral FormulaProperties
W├╝stiteIron Oxide
RutileOxide Mineral
SphaleriteSulfide Mineral
MolybdeniteSulfide Mineral
GalenaSulfide Mineral
ArsenopyriteSulfide Mineral
HematiteIron Oxide
MagnetiteIron Oxide
AnhydriteEvaporite Mineral
GeothiteHydrated Iron Oxide
SideriteCarbonate Mineral
CalciteCarbonate Mineral
DolomiteCarbonate Mineral
RhodocrositeCarbonate Mineral
EnstatitePyroxene Group Mineral
FerrosilitePyroxene Group Mineral
ForsteriteOlivine Group Mineral
FayaliteOlivine Group Mineral
WollastoniteSilicate Mineral
DiopsidePyroxene Group Mineral
HedenbergitePyroxene Group Mineral
WollastonitePyroxenoid Group Mineral
RhodonitePyroxenoid Group Mineral
Mineral NameMineral FormulaProperties
GypsumEvaporite Mineral
GibbsiteFound with Boehmite and Diaspore (Bauxite)
PyropeGarnet Group Mineral
AlmandineGarnet Group Mineral
SpessartineGarnet Group Mineral
GrossularGarnet Group Mineral
AndraditeGarnet Group Mineral
UvaroviteGarnet group Mineral
Antigorite/Lizardite/ChrysotileSerpentine Group Mineral
TalcClay Group Mineral
KaoliniteClay Group Mineral
PyrophylliteClay Group Mineral
PhlogopiteMica Group Mineral
LeuciteFeldspathoid Group
NephelineFeldspathoid Group
SodaliteFeldspathoid Group
MalachiteCarbonate Mineral
AzuriteCarbonate Mineral
TremoliteAmphibole Group
ActinoliteAmphibole Group
ApatitePhosphate Mineral
MuscoviteMica Group Mineral
AugitePyroxene Group Mineral
BiotiteMica Group Mineral
HornblendeAmphibole Group
TourmalineSilicate Mineral
MonazitePhosphate Mineral

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