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Brief DescriptionScientific Group NameExamples
Kingdom, single celled of organisms. Some produce shells.amoeba, Rotaliida, spumellaria
Phylum, single celled, secrete shells made of silica.spumellaria, nassellaria
Phylum, single celled, secrete shells made of carbonatefusilinids, Globigerinida
Kingdom, multicellular prokaryotespeople, sponges, emu, clams
Phylum, tiny animals that generate current with flagella. Often colonial and produce spicules.Sponges
Phylum, have tentacles with nematocysts.Corals, jellyfish, hydras, anemones
Class, primarily polyp stage, live in large skeletons of calcium carbonateCorals
Order, horn corals, usually solitaryhorn corals
Order, honeycomb corals, usually colonialhoneycomb corals
Order, true corals, most abundant todayelkhorn coral
Phylum, superficially similar to corals, have lophophoremoss animals
Phylum, superficially similar to clams, have lophophore, individual shells symmetric, shells not mirror images of each otherlamp shells
Phylum, segmented bodies, jointed limbs, 3 main body regionsinsects, crayfish, crabs, shrimp
Class, segmented bodies, extinct, three lobesIsotelus, Phacops
Phylum, usually have shell, mantle, nervous systemclams, oysters, nautilus, snails
Class, has two shells, single shell is not symmetric, shells are mirror images of each otherscallops, oysters, quahog
Class, has single shell, not chambered, helical coilsnails, slugs
Class, shell is chambered, coils in single plainnautilus, ammonite, octopus
Phylum, five sided symmetry, posesses water vascular systemstarfish, sea lillies, sand dollars, urchins
Class, has five sided symmetry, usually has a stem with discs made of carbonatesea lillies
Class, has five sided symmetry, rounded bodies, often has spinessand dollars, sea urchins

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