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Can you name the full 2015 NBA Draft?

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College/Pos.AnswerOriginal Pick
Kentucky (C)Timberwolves
Ohio St (PG)Lakers
Duke (C)Sixers
Spain (PF)Knicks
Spain (SG)Magic
Kentucky (C)Kings
China (PG)Nuggets
Arizona (SF)Pistons
Wisconsin (PF)Hornets
Duke (SG)Heat
Texas (PF)Pacers
Kentucky (PF)Jazz
Kentucky (SG)Suns
Murray St (PG)Thunder
Kansas (SG)Wizards (Hawks Pick)
Louisville (PG)Celtics
UNLV (SG)Bucks
Wisconsin (SF)Rockets
Notre Dame (PG)Knicks (Wizards Pick)
Utah (PG)Raptors
Virginia (SG)Mavericks
Arkansas (PF)Bulls
Arizona (SF)Nets (Trail Blazers Pick)
Duke (PG)Timberwolves (Cavs Pick)
LSU (PF)Grizzlies
Serbia (C)Spurs
Georgia St (SG)Celtics
Syracuse (PF)Nets
UCLA (PF)Warriors
College/Pos.AnswerOriginal Pick
TurkeyCavs (Timberwolves Pick)
Louisville (PF)Rockets
LSU (PF)Celtics
Stanford (SF)Lakers
SpainKnicks (Sixers Pick)
Syracuse (PF)Cavs (Timberwolves Pick)
Bowling Green (PF)Sixers
Villanova (SF)Pistons
Weber Bahia Estudiantes (SF)Nets (Hornets Pick)
Tennessee (SG)Heat
Notre Dame (SG)Trail Blazers (Nets Pick)
Boston College (PG)Jazz
Oregon (PG)Pacers
Kentucky (PG)Suns
Williams and Mary (PG)Celtics
UCLA (SG)Raptors (Bucks Pick)
Lithuania (C)Sixers
Kentucky (C)Thunder
Iowa (PF)Wizards
Spain (SG)Hawks
Eastern Washington (SG)Magic
IMG Academy (C)Mavericks
St. Johns (SG)Cavs
Spain (SG)Trail Blazers (Jazz Pick)
UMass (C)Spurs
Michigan St (SF)Clippers (Pelicans Pick)
Spain (PG)Nuggets
North Carolina (SG)Sixers
Serbia (PF)Sixers

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