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Can you name the Do You Know the 2012 Ambassa-Veterans??

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School YearNameFun Fact
JuniorShe is from Hong Kong
JuniorHe is on Steinhardt Government Council
SophomoreHe's great at whistling
JuniorHe raised pigs for 10 years
SophomoreHe lived in England for 5 years as a wee lad
SeniorHe is a music minor in CAS
JuniorHis mom is a professor
JuniorHe has a picture with Lady Gaga
JuniorShe has a black belt in karate
JuniorHe can put his feet behind his head
JuniorShe has been to Disney World 40+ times
SeniorShe is a Snooki impersonator by night
JuniorHe is allergic to foods with seeds
SeniorHe was in NYU's Reality Show
JuniorShe's the Bobcat
SeniorHe hustled grilled cheese sandwiches freshman year
SeniorShe has a song written about her
SeniorHe IS Mr. Superdry
JuniorShe was Chris Noth's personal assistant
SeniorShe dropped out of preschool--twice
SeniorHe studied abroad in three different locations
SeniorShe went by 'Wedge' in HS
SeniorShe has a younger sister at NYU
SeniorShe was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire
SeniorHe has a birthmark shaped like Greenland on his body
SeniorShe works at the Gansevoort Hotel
SeniorHe walked various red carpets as 'Lil' Sean' mascot with Sean Kingston
JuniorHis father owns Burger King(s)
SeniorHe started a consulting firm for computer tech
SeniorShe's an expert at sailing
School YearNameFun Fact
SophomoreShe took a year off before her freshman year to travel
SeniorShe spent a year and a half in India
SeniorShe told Beyonce she was beautiful at the J-Cole release party
JuniorShe has a lot of Indian nightgowns
SophomoreHe had a two-year stint of hip-hop dance in HS
JuniorHe studied at NYU Paris last summer
SophomoreShe sometimes rocks a mohawk
SophomoreHis nickname freshman year was 'Scooter Boy'
JuniorShe can sing the French national anthem in French
JuniorHe loves talking about pooping on Twitter
SophomoreHe taught himself English and his first language is French
SeniorHe was admitted to 17,000 law schools
JuniorShe only drinks steamed milk from Starbucks
SophomoreShe looks like Tina Fey
JuniorHe studied abroad in Ghana
SophomoreShe had a dead bird on her locked Coral balcony
SeniorHe was a nominee with his frat for an MTV reality show
SeniorShe took pageant queen lessons
SeniorShe always wears purple pants at WoTS
SeniorShe lived in Tokyo for 3 years
SeniorHe was born in St. Louis
SeniorHe also goes by 'Buddy'
JuniorShe can fit 11 pieces of Captain Crunch in her belly button at once
SeniorHe almost majored in Physics
JuniorHe has never seen a Scorsese film
JuniorHe used to work with DateMySchool
JuniorHe works for the Dessert Truck
SophomoreShe's originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti
SeniorShe was on an Xbox video game cover

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