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Can you name the 2012 Ambassa-Newbies?

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School YearNameFun Fact
FreshmanShe could legally be considered a midget
JuniorShe lived in Dubai for 12 years
SophomoreHe really likes hockey
SophomoreShe is afraid of large expanses of water and trees
FreshmanShe is the women's basketball team manager
FreshmanShe can play the violin, mandolin, piano, and guitar
FreshmanHer grandfather once ate her bunny
FreshmanShe has 8 pet chickens
FreshmanHe was in the San Francisco Opera
FreshmanHe's your favorite Gossip Boy
FreshmanShe practices Mennonite
SophomoreShe was a Gymnastics National Champion
SophomoreShe uses pomegranate & lemon scented deodorant
SophomoreHe originally was going to apply to Tisch for acting...but didn't
FreshmanShe plays NYU Club water polo
FreshmanHe has a fake tooth
FreshmanShe's a hip-hop dancer
JuniorShe was once an extra in a horror movie
FreshmanShe is a test-tube baby
FreshmanHe's trying to teach himself ukulele
School YearNameFun Fact
FreshmanShe flew a small plane over the Hoover Dam
JuniorShe has an afro named Lustelle
FreshmanShe's a Russian figure skater
FreshmanShe was a figure skater for 8 years
SophomoreShe is especially terrified of pigeons
SophomoreHe is fluent in Sign Language
FreshmanHe has one kidney
FreshmanHe almost drowned three times (and likes giraffes...)
SophomoreHer grandfather is in the NFL Hall of Fame
JuniorHe has a twin!
SophomoreHe was on the wrestling team in HS for a month
FreshmanHe lived in 6 different cities in 5 different countries
FreshmanShe was born in Seoul, South Korea and is NOT Asian!
FreshmanShe's allergic to red food coloring
SophomoreShe was born on Halloween
FreshmanHe once worked at a petting zoo and was paid with a baby rabbit
FreshmanShe quotes 'She's the Man' on the daily
FreshmanShe got a concussion from running into Abed from Community on a ski slope
JuniorShe was a flute major in HS
SophomoreShe named her rabbits as such: Rabbity, Rabbity 2, Rabbity 3, Rabbity 4, etc.
School YearNameFun Fact
SophomoreShe cannot say the word 'tragedy' correctly
FreshmanShe is a certified scuba-diver
FreshmanHer great-grandma was a mail order bride from Greece
SophomoreShe wants to own a law firm and theatre company one day
SophomoreHe once played Mushu in a HS musical
FreshmanShe's traveled to 11 countries
SophomoreShe was a varsity fencer in HS
SophomoreHe is from the most hipster state in the US: Minnesota
FreshmanHe's been to more countries than US states
SophomoreHe's president of his frat, FIJI
SophomoreShe sounds like an orca/seal when she laughs very hard
FreshmanShe lived with a nomadic bedouin family in Jordan
FreshmanShe can lick her elbow (and has been skydiving)
FreshmanShe always orders the spiciest dish on the menu
FreshmanHe once won $50 from a wing-eating contest
SophomoreHe was a child actor that appeared in a Netflix commercial
FreshmanHe can walk on stilts
FreshmanHe is obsessed with the TV show 'The West Wing''

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