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Can you name the legendary video games final bosses?

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GameFinal Boss NameSystem
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster System
Batman Arkham AsylumVarious
Bionic Commando (80's)Various
Brütal LegendVarious
Castlevania 2NES
Chrono TriggerSNES
Crash BandicootPS1
Day Of The TentacleVarious
DEF JAM Fight For N.Y.Various
Eternal SonataVarious
Fatal FuryVarious
Fatal Fury 2Various
Final Fantasy VIIPS1
Final FightVarious
God Of War 2PS2
Golden AxeVarious
Goldeneye 007N64
Ikari WarriorsVarious
Kid ChameleonGenesis
Kid IcarusNES
Marvel Vs. CapcomVarious
Metal Gear (80's)Various
Metal Gear SolidPS1
GameFinal Boss NameSystem
Punch Out!!NES
Resident EvilPS1
Resident Evil 4Various
RockyMaster System
Soul CaliburVarious
Soul ReaverPS1
Space Channel 5Dreamcast
Star FoxSNES
Street Fighter 2Various
Streets Of RageGenesis
Sunset RidersVarious
Super Mario Bros. 2NES
Super Mario WorldSNES
Super MetroidSNES
Tekken 5Various
The King Of Fighters '96Various
The Legend Of Zelda : A Link To The PastSNES
The Secret Of Monkey IslandVarious
TMNT Turtles In TimeVarious
Uncharted 2PS3
Virtua FighterVarious
Wolfenstein 3DVarious

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