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Can you name the movies that feature memory loss or confusion (*caution spoilers*)?

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James Garner1965
Drew Barrymore2004
Mia Wasikowska2010
Ingrid Bergman1956
Greta Garbo1932
Matt Damon2002
Ashton Kutcher2004
Dana Carvey1994
Cedric the Entertainer2007
Warner Baxter1943
Woody Allen2001
Rufus Sewell1998
Emma Thompson1991
Rosanna Arquette1985
Matthew Broderick2008
Seann William Scott2000
Jim Carrey2004
Ellen DeGeneres2003
Julianne Moore2004
Halle Berry2003
Zach Galifianakis2009
William Powell1940
Geena Davis1996
Jennifer Jones1945
Jim Carrey2001
Laurence Harvey1962
Guy Pearce2000
Betty Hutton1944
Laura Harring2001
Gena Rowlands2004
Renée Zellweger2000
Goldie Hawn1987
Dennis Quaid2009
Harry Dean Stanton1984
Ben Affleck2003
Takashi Shimura1950
Harrison Ford1991
Tom Berenger1991
John Hodiak1946
Gregory Peck1945
Arnold Schwarzenegger1990
Tim Allen2010
Liam Neeson2011
Kim Novak1958
Tadanobu Asano2004
Ari Folman2008

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