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Can you name the actors that have voiced animated movie characters from those who haven't?

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Actor/ActressTrue or False
Mickey Rourke
Meryl Streep
Russell Crowe
Helen Mirren
Diane Lane
Kate Winslet
Salma Hayek
Orlando Bloom
Emma Stone
Jessica Lange
Bette Midler
Meg Ryan
Barbra Streisand
Kiera Knightley
Laurence Fishburne
William Shatner
Tom Hanks
Kate Beckinsale
Joan Cusack
Gene Hackman
Michael Caine
Anne Hathaway
Morgan Freeman
Whoopi Goldberg
Sandra Bullock
Actor/ActressTrue or False
Anthony Hopkins
Ryan Gosling
Gwyneth Paltrow
Cameron Diaz
Mel Gibson
Sissy Spacek
Kevin Bacon
George C. Scott
Joe Pesci
Colin Farrell
Orson Welles
Heath Ledger
Robert Downey Jr.
Gene Wilder
Jimmy Stewart
Christopher Plummer
Demi Moore
Anna Faris
Nicole Kidman
Julianne Moore
Annette Bening
Jodie Foster
Christian Bale
Harrison Ford
Leonardo Dicaprio
Actor/ActressTrue or False
Ian McKellen
Kevin Spacey
Matthew McConaughey
Tim Robbins
Geena Davis
Hugh Jackman
Michael Douglas
Halle Berry
Clint Eastwood
Nicolas Cage
Charlize Theron
Jude Law
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jennifer Garner
Natalie Portman
Robert De Niro
Tilda Swinton
Sigourney Weaver
Diane Keaton
Scarlett Johansson
John Goodman
Hilary Swank
Bill Murray
Ellen Page
Drew Barrymore
Actor/ActressTrue or False
Kathleen Turner
Kristen Stewart
Dustin Hoffman
Shirley Maclaine
Liam Neeson
Will Smith
Lindsay Lohan
Al Pacino
Bruce Willis
Julia Roberts
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sally Field
Daniel Craig
Abigail Breslin
Julie Andrews
Jack Nicholson
Jennifer Lopez
Sarah Jessica Parker
Tom Cruise
Christopher Walken
Kathy Bates
Rachel McAdams
Lloyd Bridges
James Franco
Edward Norton

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