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The city where JFK was assassinated
A clandestine operation by the United States on Cuban soil
The name of JFK's wife
The Texas governor who was in the car with JFK when he was shot
The man who murdered JFK's assassin
The leader of Cuba
The United States' main adversary from after WWII all the way through the 1980s
The plaza where JFK was shot
The famous footage of the JFK assassination
The hospital where both JFK and his assassin were taken
The Republican who ran against JFK for president in 1960 and later became president himself
The place where JFK's assassin hid
The date that JFK was assassinated on
The location of JFK's most famous speech (be specific, more than just the city)
The name of the ship JFK served on in WWII
A famous altercation between the United States, the USSR, and Cuba
JFK's vice president who took office after the assassination
The man who assassinated JFK
The name of JFK's brother who served as Attorney General during his administration
JFK's father's name
The leader of the USSR in 1962

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