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The Question is...Your answer
What was Joker previously known as?
How would Scarecrow usually make you scared?
Not quite Jaws but pretty close?
Who's green, purple and way cleverer than you will ever be?
Where do the Blue Beetle's powers come from?
Used to be Robin but now he's.......?
For a bird he uses a lot of umbrellas
Roses are red violets are blue and this girls gonna kill you..........With a kiss.
E.Nigma is the name and confusing you is the game
The Question is...Your answer
Where did Superman Grow up?
What does Bane's tank hold?
Founder of Arkham Asylum
All the king's horses and all the kings men could not him put back together again
Superman A.K.A.....
A drop could make you like Bane
Commisioner who?
Cranes aren't scary? Well this one is.

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