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Size at which space 'boils' into a frothy 'quantum foam'Planck length (shortest unit of measurement)
Atomic radius of helium (most inert element)Atomic radius of hydrogen (most common element in the universe)
Length of an antibody Length of a rhinovirus (most common infectious disease)
Median wavelength of visible light Diameter of Megavirus chilensis (largest virus)
Diameter of the human eyeLength of Hippocampus denise (smallest seahorse)
Beard growth in one yearHeight of an ostrich egg (largest bird egg)
Leg-span of the goliath bird-eating spider (largest spider)Wing-span of the atlas moth (largest moth)
Average height of a 14-year old child Length of hair of Kazuhiro Watanabe (tallest mohawk spike)
Length of a python in Indonesia (longest snake)Length of Sue (largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton)
Height of the Christ the Redeemer statue in BrazilAverage length of a blue whale (largest animal)
Length of an American football fieldLength of the International Space Station (largest space station)
Height of the Burj Khalifa (tallest building)Length of the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek universe
Typical diameter of a neutron star (smallest type of star)Height of Olympus Mons (highest mountain in the solar system)
Straight-line between London and ParisLength of cars travelling between Lyon and Paris (longest traffic jam)
Length of Caspian Sea (largest lake)Length of Madagascar (oldest island)
Diameter of Mercury (smallest planet)Length of the Rocky Mountains
Diameter of the Great Red Spot (largest anticyclone in the solar system)Circumference of Earth
Diameter of Sirius (brightest star viewed from Earth)Total length of the road networking the USA
One light day Diameter of the red supergiant VY Canis Majoris (largest star)
Diameter of Virgo Supercluster (largest supercluster)Diameter of the Great Void (largest void)

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