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Can you name the Naruto Characters?

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Main characterRasen-shuriken
Main character's rivalSharingan
Tsunade's apprenticeMedic ninjutsu
Team 7 leaderChidori
Has a dogFang over fang
Loves NarutoTwin Lion Fists
Obsessed with bugsInsect jamming technique
Good at genjutsuDemonic illusion: Tree binding death
With an IQ over 200Shadow stitching
From the Yamanaka clanMind transfer jutsu
Pleasantly plumpExpansion jutsu
Smokes cigarettesFire release: Ash pile burning
Hyuuga prodigyEight trigrams: Sixty four palms
Weapon girlManipulated tools: Binding meteor
Only knows taijutsuDrunken Fist
YOUTH!!!Dynamic entry

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