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First companion you meet?
First creature you encounter?
How can mama murphy die?
What comic book hero does kent connolly ask you to dress up as?
At what endurance level do you unlock the ghoulish perk?
Which perk has a chance of multiplying the amount of exp you earn?
How many generations of synths are there?
Wher do the forged reside?
What is Swan?
Who tries to buy billy off of you?
What type of synth is X6-88?
Who is the captain of the Yangzte?
Which dead minuteman general can be found in the Castle Tunnels?
Who is the DJ of Diamond City Radio?
Which companion can be found on top of Trinity Tower?
What lies in the South-West of the world map?
Who betrayed the Minutemen in Quincy?
What metal bars can be found in a root cellar in Sanctuary?
What is the name of the boy suffering from a disease in Vault 81?
Which of the Minutmen is a synth?
What is the name of the Brotherhood of Steel Airship?
What must you follow in order to reach the Railroad?
Beneath which ruins is the Institue located?

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