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Can you name the video games regarded as among some of the worst ever?

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HintGameRelease Date
Movie-based Atari 2600 game; held responsible for the video game crash of 19831982
A poorly-adapted Atari 2600 version of an immensely popular arcade game1982
Notorious for simulating the rape of a Native American woman1982
A multicart containing 52 games, most of which didn't work properly1991
Two poor entries in an otherwise best-selling series; infamous for their low quality animated cutscenes1993
This movie-based boat shooter is regarded as the worst Virtual Boy game1995
This movie-based sports game is regarded as the worst Atari Jaguar game1995
Labeled the 'worst computer game ever released' by GameSpot; a notoriously sexist fighting game1996
Often cited as the worst game on a Nintendo system; notorious for pointless objectives and poor controls1999
Despite a four year development period, failed to live up to its hype2000
Notorious for a 'combo system' that involved continually mashing only the A button2001
HintGameRelease Date
Comic book-based action game that inspired X-Play's 'Golden Mullet Award' for terrible videogames2003
Called a 'horrific display of ineptitude' by Gamespot, Gametrailers ranked this as the worst movie game of all time2003
Since this racing game's AI drivers never moved, every race ended with the message 'YOU'RE WINNER!'2003
Based on a movie; though the console and PC versions were well-received, the handheld versions were widely panned2005
Criticized for not actually adding anything to the freeware games it was based on2005
Despite its low reviews, this budget-priced war shooter received a sequel that didn't fix its many problems2006
Notorious for revamping a beloved cartoonish character into a dark and gritty cyborg2006
Worst in a series of increasingly unpopular 3D sequels to a bestselling 2D series2006
Based on a game show; called 'boring, pointless, annoying and fundamentally broken' by IGN2007
Blamed by IGN for starting the 'shovelware' trend on the Wii2007

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