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Can you name the famous heads who appeared in jars in Futurama?

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On display at the Baseball Hall of Fame.A Leela Of Her Own
Was accidentally downloaded by a KidNappster customer.I Dated a Robot
Starred in Baywatch: The Movie.A Fishful of Dollars
Hosted the Miss Universe Pageant.The Lesser of Two Evils
Holded a benefit concert for Bender.Bendin' In the Wind
Hosted New Year's Rockin Eve.Space Pilot 3000
Legally, nothing he can do counts as sex anymore.A Head in the Polls
Hosted the OscarsThat's Lobstertainment!
Clumsily impersonated by Fry, who never heard of himBender's Big Score
Needed company in the Closet of Presidential Losers.A Head in the Polls
Scratched Bender's hard drive in Robot Hell.Hell is Other Robots
Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtInto the Wild Green Yonder
Doesn't find voting to be all that essential to the process.A Head in the Polls
Robot Fighting Commentator, envies the dead.Raging Bender
Stuck in the second row of the Head Musem.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
First Emperor of the Moon, Inventor of the EnvironmentCrimes of the Hot
Apparently has laser vision and didn't know it.The Beast With a Billion Backs
Scratched Bender's hard drive in Robot Hell.Hell is Other Robots
Remained silent throughout the adventure on Omega 3.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Negotiated the surrender of the brain balls.War is the H-Word
Refused to say 'nuclear wessels'.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Won't stop telling knock-knock jokes.A Head in the Polls
Had a feud with BenderBender Should Not Be Allowed on TV
Robot Fighting Commentator, imitated Howard Cosell.Raging Bender
Rescued from KidNappster, copied to make a robot army.I Dated a Robot
Was not picked up before Fry and Bender go-go.I Dated a Robot
Distracted Fry and Bender with her famous fan dance.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Starred in a one man show about Vincent Van Spock.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Elected PresidentA Head in the Polls
Lost his freakishly long legs in the War of 2012.Xmas Story
Thrown out of Bender's compartment to make room.I Dated a Robot
Hosted the Universal Poker Championship.Into the Wild Green Yonder
Invented the technology that allows human heads to remain alive in jars. A Big Piece of Garbage
Had so many facelifts, they lifted it right off her body.That's Lobstertainment!
Puzzled by a kangaroo boxing a robot.Less Than Hero
On the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimcap Issue.A Head in the Polls
Performed a spoken-word rendition of 'Slim Shady'.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
One of the judges for Iron Cook30% Iron Chef
Doesn't know karate, never really talks about himself.Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Hocked his teeth for booze money.A Head in the Polls

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