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Can you name the cards from the Kaiba Starter Deck Evolution?

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# and InitialsCardType
SKE-001 BEWDMonster
SKE-002 BOMonster
SKE-003 KDMonster
SKE-004 RDMonster
SKE-005 KMonster
SKE-006 UMonster
SKE-007 MHMonster
SKE-008 RKPMonster
SKE-010 SRBMonster
SKE-011 HMonster
SKE-012 OMonster
SKE-013 TDDITCMonster
SKE-014 LD#2Monster
SKE-015 KSHMonster/Effect
SKE-016 LODMonster/Effect
SKE-017 MPMonster/Effect
SKE-018 TMMonster/Effect
SKE-019 HHMonster/Effect
SKE-020 WOTBFMonster/Effect
SKE-021 MTMonster/Effect
SKE-022 MSBMonster/Effect
SKE-023 SRMonster/Effect
SKE-024 POWDMonster/Ritual
SKE-025 WDRRitual Spell
# and InitialsCardType
SKE-026 ONormal Spell
SKE-027 FNormal Spell
SKE-028 DSNormal Spell
SKE-029 MRNormal Spell
SKE-030 TISNormal Spell
SKE-031 TFOSDNormal Spell
SKE-032 COHNormal Spell
SKE-033 SENormal Spell
SKE-034 MField Spell
SKE-035 TTTDNormal Spell
SKE-036 RRQuick-Play Spell
SKE-037 MEquip Spell
SKE-038 NOCNormal Spell
SKE-039 PBEquip Spell
SKE-040 FMCEquip Spell
SKE-041 SSContinuous Trap
SKE-042 THNormal Trap
SKE-043 JDNormal Trap
SKE-044 GOTMENormal Trap
SKE-045 DTNormal Trap
SKE-046 LOIContinuous Trap
SKE-047 JOGNormal Trap
SKE-048 RFCounter Trap
SKE-049 BBNormal Trap
SKE-050 DTNormal Trap

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